I am so glad Hone Harawira is in Parliament

With the major parties happy to let the Australian Governments blatant human rights abuses pass with no comment. One of the few voices calling it like it is is Harawira.

“Hawawira [sic] said John Howard is “a racist bastard” trying to impose racist policies on a people who can’t fight back.”

You can see the full article on the tvnz site. Who may have fixed their spelling mistake by the time you look, but since its a Maori name they probably won’t have.

2 thoughts on “I am so glad Hone Harawira is in Parliament”

  1. And just in case you thought what the Australian Govt was doing really has anything to do with tacking child abuse.
    Take a read of

  2. Do what has to be done. Be pono and let your actions be judged by your people and your ancestors and every thing will fall into its propper perspective

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