I’m Chris Cormack, a perl monger from Wellington, New Zealand. I am a developer on the Koha project and have served various roles in the community including Release Manager and Translation Manager.

This is just my personal blog. It has random stuff on it, often I will write about the Koha ILS, but there is no real theme.

Sometimes my wife writes posts for it also. You can usually spot them, they are usually funnier, have z’s instead of s, and miss out u’s.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi Chris.
    It’s Justin Ryan from Wanganui High School, many moons ago. I spotted your reply to a Public Address tweet a while ago, checked it was you, and followed you with a view to saying Hi at some point.
    I’ve seen you mention Koha ILS on twitter several times so thought I’d have a look. I have to say that what you guys have made looks like an impressive acheivement.
    I was muttering under my breath when I saw you were in Wellington as I’d been down there the previous weekend to farewell a friend headed for Canada.
    Thats enough introductory rambling from me, Hope you have a great weekend, Justin Ryan

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