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Koha turns 15

I’m not totally sure, but I think the 9th of September was when we first had a working DB connector going, the base of what would become Koha. Work started on September 6, but I think the 9th was when we first had some working code. So that would make it 15 years old today. […]

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Unsung heroes of Koha 29 – Jim Minges

I only ever met Jim in person once, at ALA in New Orleans a few years ago but his reputation well and truly preceded him. For those who don’t know Jim is retiring from his role as Director of NEKLS (Northeast Kansas Library System). But in his time as Director, NEKLS have embraced not only […]

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Unsung heroes of Koha 28 – Rachel Hamilton-Williams

A few years ago, and I’m sure that everyone would know of Rachel, however over time as new people join the community it’s important to refresh the collective memory.  Without Rachel Koha wouldn’t exist, it’s as simple as that. Not many people would be game to agree to have their company write a library system […]

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Some Catalyst stats from Koha 3.16.0

For 3.16.0 there have been a total of 1262 changesets from 77 different developers. Catalyst submitted 44 of those changes, and the Catalyst Academy another 13.  Also Catalyst signed off (tested) 172 patches, and the Academy students signed off another 21. I want to make a special mention of Aleisha Amohia here, who has been […]

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Who drives the bus?

In late April I attended a symposium on supporting cultural heritage with open source software. It was a great symposium, with lots of very interesting discussion. One thing was brought to my attention though, that I wanted to write about here, is that there was a perception that the development of features in Koha is […]

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That’s not what they asked.

If someone is excited about doing something, and is asking if anyone would like to help. And if your response is to lecture them on what they should be doing instead, then maybe just keep quiet. They didn’t ask if you wanted to critique them, just if you wanted to collaborate. But what do I […]

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Koha dropping security support

The Koha developers and users have decided that security and privacy of libraries and their users data is no longer a concern. When asked about this decision, Chris Cormack, one of the original Koha developers said: “Naw, it’s not really an issue anymore”. When pressed about the decision to store users passwords in plain text […]

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Summary of the Catalyst Academy Koha group – 2014

This year we had 8 students working on the Koha project as part of the Catalyst Open Source Academy. They all were very productive as the statistics below show. The number of patches pushed  (and the percentage of the ones pushed that week) Francesca Moore 2 1.4% Roman Amor 2 1.4% alex_h 2 1.4% daniel […]

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2013 – WTF Happened?

With still 9 days to go I’ve decided to do a bit of a wrap up for the year. It was a pretty massive year in a lot of ways starting with Koha This year we had the highest number of commits ever, as of today 2619 commits 82 different people had code committed into […]

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Finally that’s over – PTFS/Liblime Trademark on Koha not registered

As most of you are aware on Wednesday we found out that the Trademark application had been rejected. Which is a massive relief for all involved in the Koha project. To quote myself:   “While it hasn’t slowed down the progress of Koha, it has been a dark shadow hanging over us for nearly four […]

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