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2013 – WTF Happened?

With still 9 days to go I’ve decided to do a bit of a wrap up for the year.

It was a pretty massive year in a lot of ways starting with


  • This year we had the highest number of commits ever, as of today 2619 commits
  • 82 different people had code committed into Koha
  • 32 were new developers
  • At least (probably about 4 times this many really) 167 libraries liberated themselves by moving to Koha
  • 3.12 and 3.14 were released on time and with no major issues
  • Kohacon in Reno was a great time.
  • The NZ trademark issue was finally settled with the Community winning it’s challenge to Liblime/PTFS’s application.
  • I wrote 50 patches, signed off 182 patches, did QA on 72 and when doing release maintenance pushed 248.

Personal Stuff

  • Maui came to the 4th birthday party of Te Po Atarau.
  • Kahurangi turned 7 and had a space party.
  • I turned 40
  • Laurel had ankle reconstruction surgery, that resulted in a bunch of complications that meant I did the school run for most of the year.
  • I gave 11 presentations. (It would have been 12 but I bailed on one)
  • I survived 3 Whisky O’Clocks
  • I travelled 36,577 km

ALA 2011 – From Wellington to Nawlins

So this year was my first ALA, which is one hell of an experience. I’m pretty sure there were more Librarians in the exhibition hall in one hour, than live in the whole of NZ.

I flew out to New Orleans via Santa Barbara, which was just as well given the mess the ash cloud made with my flights. Brendan and I arrived in New Orleans just after midnight on Friday morning. We spent the day, along with other ByWaterians working our way through bugs and enhancements, then the exhibition hall opened at 5pm.

It was really busy, as the picture above shows, we always had a lot of people to talk to. So much interest in Koha from libraries and consortia big and small. It was very refreshing that most people understood Free Software, and we didn’t have to spend time explaining that. Also refreshing was the lack of questions on things like scalability, Koha has well and truly proven itself in that regard and people there seemed well aware of it. Most questions were around support, what new features we had in the pipeline and the differences between Koha and the most prominent fork.

For the next 3 days I alternated with time on the stand and time meeting people and doing some hacking. I even managed to attend one session (Open Source ILS in Consortia) which was really good. It was a panel discussion, with 2 Evergreen and 3 Koha consortia represented. Ian and I even got a shout out which was neat.

Saturday morning was the LITA open source Interest group meeting. It was a small affair but very good. On Saturday night we had the Open Source ILS users get together which was great fun, lots of cool people to talk to. Afterwards we did a walk up and down Bourbon Street, which is certainly something to behold.

On Sunday night we ran a small hackfest, the highlight of which was spending time with the guys from IndexData and learning more about the internals of Zebra. Invaluable information was gathered.

Monday, I managed to catch up with Marshall Breeding for a good 1.5 hour chat. We covered a lot of topics, Kotui, Libwebcats, development processes and much more. It was a great chat and one I hope we get the chance to repeat. That evening we went for a cruise on the Mississippi on a paddle steamer, so much fun.

Tuesday morning back to Santa Barbara, for a lovely evening of barbeque elk and spare ribs grilled by Brendan, followed by a movie and a great night of sleep.

Wednesday, the long slow journey back to NZ began and by 12:30am Saturday morning I was back at home. I spent a lot of time in airports, on buses, trains and planes but it was worth it.

A huge thanks to ByWater Solutions for making it all possible for me to attend, and to my work (Catalyst) for letting me go.

Kohacon 2009 next week

I’m busy trying to tidy everything up, and to forget there is a small possibility my wife will give birth while I’m away, before I head off to Kohacon on Tuesday.

Today Kahurangi and I went out to upper hutt to Nan and Koro’s house to bake hot cross buns with Donna and Manaia. Kahu and Manaia rolled the buns and helped to put the crosses on the top, they turned out suprisingly edible.

Tomorrow is Dad’s 65th birthday party at Le Marche Francais which should be fun, then I have to go into work to grab all the things I forgot. Like my cellphone charger, headphones etc, yes I am a goober. Then I have to finish off my presentation, get an adapter for the video out on my netbook, and copy it to a usb stick just in case.

Laurel is writing me a shopping list, and I have a baseball game and numerous lunches and dinners to go to, so I’ll be pretty busy, but I’m sure it will be fun.

Koha 3 Packaging

Ok, the 2nd crack of my debian package is up in my repo now
deb hardy all
To your /etc/apt/sources.list
And then
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libkoha-perl

And if you are willing you can checkout my package branch, and build your own package, for your architecture.

git clone git:// koha
git clone

git -r branch
Will show you the remote branches,
git checkout origin/package

Gets you the package branch, then you run
fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -b -tc -us -uc

If you want to make any changes, and build a new package with a higher patch number, run
dch -i
Then commit the debian/changelog file and rebuild your package.

Any patches gratefully accepted, once I have it fully working with debconf and the preinst, postinst, postrm scripts all going I will submit patches to

Oh, and Marc from Biblibre informed me I forgot to tell people how they can get my public key. You can get it from
Or simply by running
gpg --keyserver --recv-key 557F7779


I have removed the packages as people were trying to use them for purposes other than just testing.