Good things about the Bus Ride

One of my colleagues did a good post on bus etiquette and subsequently ended up on TV talking about it. While everything he said was true, I actually usually quite enjoy my bus ride to and from work so I thought I’d do a little post about the things that make the ride fun. Saying […]

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The Hypothermia bus

On the bus ride to work today, someone had decided to open all the windows. Combine that with a driver who puts pedal to the metal, and you end up with people freezing at the back of the bus. Not a pleasant way to start the day.

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Things that amuse me

You have to take pleasure in the small things that make life enjoyable. Some of the things that make me chuckle is my user I have been using to test Koha 3.0. Mr Stinky P Clown … he gets debarred from the library quite regularly. Another source of small pleasure is the myriad of ways […]

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