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Random things you could overhear at our house

Chris: Why are you in that plastic bag?
Kahu: I’m trying to sleep.
Chris: Go sleep in your bed, not in a giant plastic bag
Kahu: Oh yeah.

Laurel: Atarau, stop driving your car into my face

Chris: If you eat this medicine I’ll give you $100
Atarau: Araarrgh bleargh *spit* *spit*

Chris: Ok, I tried to hide the medicine in his spaghetti.

Kahu (when opening his presents): Oh a book of Maori words, that’s just what I wanted!!

(Never mind the huge car garage and the cool marble game he just got, nope the dictionary is his favourite)


I know it might be uncool to admit it, but I like the rugby world cup

And it’s not just about the rugby, although for the most part it was a weekend of excellent games, a lot of which were tense and undecided for the best part of the game.

But for me, it’s also all the other things going on, highlights of this weekend include

  • Kahurangi and his cousin Te Manaia watching the opening ceremony together and providing commentary. All commentary should be done by 4 year olds
  • Spending Sunday morning with my family listening to a Welsh folk singer, followed by a Kapa Haka group, followed by eating South African peanut butter and beef curry.
  • Watching USA vs Ireland on the couch with my wife, an ex college rugby player herself.
  • The few minutes of thinking “Oh my god Romania might actually win this game”
  • Giving a South African fan 50 cents, just as he was about to leave and not be able to buy the homemade ginger beer he wanted, and getting a huge bear hug in return.
  • Te Po Atarau chasing a man dressed as a lion around the South African cultural festival, frantically waving a Welsh flag at him.
  • The many and varied happy people walking around the waterfront, smiling and waving to each other.

I reckon it was a great opening weekend, I wish Wales and Argentina had won, but you can’t have everything. Fiji day at Te Papa on Saturday, you’ll find me and the kids there, bring it on.