Kohacon10 is finished

I thought it went really well, and I hope all those who attended felt the same. It was a long week with tons of things packed in to do. Three days of conference followed by a trip north for Mayoral reception and Powhiri and finally 3 days of Hackfest. Knowledge was shared, friendships strengthened, new […]

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Coveritlive for Kohacon10

Inspired by NEKLS (and let’s face it, who isn’t inspired by NEKLS) and what they did with coveritlive for kohacon09. We have set it up for kohacon10 You can see it here, and for those without flash/js, you can use the rss feed. I’ll be trying to keep it up to date and ticking along […]

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Less than a month to Kohacon10

Well we’ve just ticked over into October here in NZ, which means in 25 days Kohacon10 will be in full swing. Visas have been obtained, tickets and hotels have been booked, and people from all over the world will descend on Wellington to share, learn, celebrate and all manner of other things about Koha. I’m […]

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Kohacon10 presentation topics make me happy

The speakers page on the Kohacon website has been upated (Thanks Kristina) and since Jo did a great blog post about the presentations, which included her personal highlights, I thought I would do one too. I agree with all of her choices, but wanted to add a couple more myself. Anthony Ching-Chen Mao – Koha […]

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Kohacon10 speakers confirmed

I have been working on finalising the programme for Kohacon10, and the good news is all except a couple of the presenters chosen have confirmed they will present. Which means we have presenters confirmed from Nigeria, Taiwan, Pakistan, Malaysia, UK, France, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The conference will go up online in the next […]

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Kohacon10 registrations open

If you are planning on attending Kohacon10 in Wellington later this year, please go tohttp://kohacon.appspot.com/2010/registration/ to register. Registration is free but we do need to know numbers. If you wish to donate to help with running costs there is a paypal button as well. Space is limited so please register only if you are coming.

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Venue and Dates booked for Kohacon10

So we now have a venue (The Wellington Townhall) and we have dates: October 25 – November 2 2010 3 day conference followed by 4 day hackfest The conference has a website http://kohacon.appspot.com/ which is pretty sparse at the moment but will be filled with more information as we get it. If you blog, use […]

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