Kohacon12 – My Highlights

To be honest, I could just write Everything! and that would be correct. But I will try to write up a few highlights of Kohacon12 for me. I counted 18 countries represented, and I probably missed some : England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Croatia, Nigeria, Zambia, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, […]

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Kohacon 12 – Day 1

First up on day one was Paul Poulain from Biblibre talking about what is new in Koha 3.8.0. When the slides are available I will link it here, since that would be much easier than listing all the features here. Up next was Nason Bimbe from BDLS, talking about their process of migrating to Koha. […]

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Unsung heroes of Koha 25 – Butte-Silver Bow Public Library

The Butte-Silver Bow Public library is special for a few reasons. They have sent people to attend Kohacon09, Kohacon10, and now not only attending Kohacon12 but co-hosting even though the event is in Edinburgh!. The presentation they gave at Kohacon10, with librarians saying what they enjoyed about Koha, was definitely one of the highlights of […]

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Kohacon12 is rapidly approaching, it will be a great conference, they always are. Registrations are now open, as is the Call for papers. And for those who have the means, you can provide sponsorship.

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