Finally that’s over – PTFS/Liblime Trademark on Koha not registered

As most of you are aware on Wednesday we found out that the Trademark application had been rejected. Which is a massive relief for all involved in the Koha project. To quote myself:   “While it hasn’t slowed down the progress of Koha, it has been a dark shadow hanging over us for nearly four […]

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PTFS acquires Liblime

Some big news in the Koha world today, as well as the fantastic news that Biblibre and Bywater are partnering to offer services in the US comes the news that PTFS have acquired Liblime. Over the last year PTFS has grown into a participating and valued member of the Koha community. Its developers are active […]

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Taking a break

I am currently feeling really disheartened and disappointed in the reaction of many libraries to the situation with Koha and the proprietary Liblime fork. So I am stepping back, I am not going to comment on it, and try to not even think about it for the next month or so. I feel I have […]

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Koha News round up

Here are some things I spotted over the weekend 3 day Koha workshop starts in India Koha and LibLime Enterprise-Consortia A new website for Bywater Solutions Volunteers for roles for 3.4 Open Source newbie tells all

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Updated Koha 3.0.4

Due to the fact that for some bizarre reason, the Release Maintainer no longer has access to put a release up on Henri Damien Laurent has put a fixed 3.0.4 release at for people to download. Please use this one instead of the one at

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Changelog for Koha 3.2.0

This isn’t the authoritative list, Galen the release manager has a better idea than me, but this is what I think is going to be in the 3.2.0 release. This was a question I was asked a few times, as the marketing coming out of Liblime was confusing people as to what is, and what […]

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Reflections on the fork, a week later

When I was thinking back on this I found myself wondering, why was I so angry, disappointed and sad about this, after all forks come and go in the FLOSS world. Often they wither and die or are merged back into the main development line. Sometimes there is enough momentum behind them they continue on, […]

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The Koha community retains its Documentation Manager

It has been a week of big news in the koha world. Some bad, like Liblime’s fork of Koha finally becoming public knowledge and some good like Nicole staying on as Documentation Manager. What makes this news even better, is the fact that two of the Koha support vendors teamed up to insure Nicole could […]

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