Only 1 arsehat today.

Ive decided that thinking about 10 exceedingly annoying people is just too
depressing. So Ive decided to just mention 1 arsehat.
So today we got a letter from the city council, for this years dog
registrations, .. $72 a pop. They’ll probably use the money to drug test
their staff, or put up cctv cameras and then not pay anyone to watch the
monitors .. but those are other issues.
My beef is that we also got a pamphlet explaining the new dog control Act.
This brings me to the point, todays arsehat is John Anderson, the lawyer
whose daughter was attacked by a dog. He then went on a crusade, descending
on parliament and showing pictures of his daughters injuries. Which in turn
led to the passing of a bunch of moronic laws.
I find it utterly reprhensible that 15,000 plus citizens can Hikoi to
parliament to protest the removal of a whole races rights to due process
under the law, and be ignored. And one rich lawyer can have this kind of an
His daughter got attacked by a dog, its owners were sentenced. Recently a
woman drove a car into a party, killing a party goer. This weekend someone
will undoubtedly crash their car, and kill themselves or others. Lets ban
cars and leave the dogs alone.

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