A Joint Arsehat award today.

  1. Haami Piripi –
    For making a stupid statement. Come on, I share the sentiments, but lets be
    a little bit smarter eh.
  2. Helen Clark –
    For not reading the legislation before mouthing off. In effect lying by
    In the Herald today Helen Clark is reported as saying this
    “Maori Language Commission chief executive Haami Piripi needs to decide
    whether he is a public servant or a political activist, says Prime Minister
    Helen Clark.”

    BZZZT wrong, he isn’t a public servant.
    The Maori Language Commission was established under the Maori Language Act
    1987, to promote the use of Te Reo, and as a start of the Crown trying to
    live up to its treaty promises. And now the interesting bit.
    No member of the Commission or employee “shall be deemed to be employed in the service of Her Majesty for
    the purposes of the State Sector Act 1988” (Schedule 2, s. 8.)
    That is, he isnt a public servant, in fact its agaisnt the law to deem him
    as one.
    Nice one Helen, how about you or one of advisors read the legislation your
    party put in place.

Full text of the
act here

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