Preemptive Arsehat Award

This is for Destiny Church, who already undoubtedly are arsehats. But
today they will seek to make themselves even more so.
Whats tomorrow? Tomorrow is when Destiny church are going to be marching to
Parliament with their “Enough is Enough” protest. Otherwise known as “we are
a bunch of homophobe bigots, who want to tell everyone how to live”
I think the National front morons might be marching as well, maybe they can
get together and have a bigot picnic. Its a pity they didnt march last
wednesday night, the wind might have blown them all into the sea and made
the world a much nicer place to live.

UPDATE 2004/08/23: 5000 Morons

Stuff is reporting around 5000 morons turned out for the Enough is Enough
protest. No indications how many were involved in counter protests, i’m sure we’ll find out later on.

UPDATE 2004/08/23: They lived up to the arsehat label.

Well what a bunch of pillocks. It sickens me to see so many brown faces in
the crowd. Decolonise yourselves you brainwashed bunch of arsehats.

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