Day 8,9,10 Los Angeles

Well not really Los Angeles, Fullerton in fact, but close enough. We arrived
here at about 3pm on Tuesday and navigated our way around to Laurel’s
brothers house. No one was home so we wandered off to the local mall and
got some ice creams from Baskin Robins (Thanks again for the vouchers).
Later that evening Tom and Joe took us out to El Torito for dinner (99 cent
tacos, cant beat that). Then Tom, Laurel and I went to listen to Mike Barnet
and some others play at a local bar, very cool. Laurel headed off home but
Tom and I wandered over to another bar to have a few brews. After causing an
argument between the bartenders over where Bass ale comes from, and having
imbibed our fill we headed home.
The next day (Day 9) we just laxed out and did some shopping and watched
game seven of the Yankees vs Red Sox series which the Red Sox won .. YAY!!
Pizza for dinner, gotta have pizza with baseball.
Day 10, we had another slow start, got some lunch and then headed off to
Riverside to visit with Laurel’s Grandma. After battling our way through the
traffic (its insane) and stopping for hotdogs we arrived there around 6.30pm.
We stayed the night there and looked and wedding photos and tried to play
the wedding video with no success (stupid PAL/NTSC issues). Stayed the night

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