Day 12 Palm Springs to Morengo Valley and back to Fullerton

After an earlyish start we headed off to Morengo valley to visit with the
Meerkats. We stopped at the Funky Monkey cafe for breakfast which was
suprisingly good. After that we had a little while to kill so decided to
take a little nap and then we drove out the unpaved road to where the
Meerkat sanctuary is.
Its a fantastic place well worth visiting. They only have meerkats that
other zoos have had problems with, they dont breed them just provide a home
for ones that have no where else to go. As well as the meerkats there were 2
super friendly dogs and a bantam rooster that thought it was a dog. Im
pretty sure there was a cat around too. The money we donated will be used to
buy some more galvanised steel mesh for cages.
After feeding meerkats and talking and generally having a fantastic time we
hit the road back towards Fullerton, CA. About halfway there Laurel yelled
out “holy shit” and I looked up just in time to see a car flip over 2 times
and stop. Laurel thinks it rolled at least 8 times in total. We slapped on
the hazard lights and pulled off to see if we could help. Laurel grabbed a
blanket and we tried to see if we could get across the freeway to help. But
it was 6 lanes with a lot of traffic, so as soon as I saw the driver crawl
out, we decided to stay on our side and wait for the police to arrive. Once
they did we figured we should drive off before someone tailended us. Scary
as hell but at least the guy walked away from it.

We got back to Fullerton and watched some baseball and an odd movie, then
hit the hay.

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