Home Again

We woke up round 8, with vinyl the dog licking my ear. Proceeded to pack up
all our stuff, or should I say, Laurel packed up our stuff. Im constantly
amazed by how she can fit so much stuff into the bags.
After Lunch at wendys (more vouchers :-)) we headed off to LAX to catch a
flight to San Francisco. Stupid US Airways didnt tell us we had to check in
at United, nor did they have any signs, so after waiting in line for a while
we got to the counter and got told we had to go to Terminal 7.
So we followed a US Marine who had to do the same thing and checked in.
After dealing with security which although tedious was less annoying than
MAF in nz (I hate those guys) we flew off to san francisco to repeat the
We boarded NZ007 in San Francisco and started the 12 hours and 20 minutes
flight to Auckland. It didnt start well when Ray (one of the flight
attendants) yanked the boarding pass out of my book, losing my place. He
then proceeded to annoy the crap out of Laurel and I for the remainder of
the flight. Poking Laurel with tongs to wake her to try and force a hot
towel on her went down like a lead balloon. If I could be bothered I’d make
an arsehat entry about him.
We landed in Dorkland where it was raining (it always seems to be raining
when we land there) and did the immigration and Customs and MAF dance.
Crackheads working at an international airport still can only manage to try
to communicate by yelling in english. Did I mention I hate those guys, with
their arbitrary random bunch of rules, jackasses. Anyway we headed out and
across to the domestic terminal and then home.
Now we are sitting in the lounge unpacking, the dogs have gone to bed but
snurrie still wont leave us alone. Its good to be home.

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