Poxy little Islands in the Pacific

Well we are sure acting like it. Today was the third and final reading of
the Foreshore and Seabed legislation, amended after the select committee
process to put into Crown ownership of all the seabed and foreshore rich
pakeha dont already own.
So basic logic here “Logic 101 : Its THEFT mate” if the crown needed
legislation to get ownership, then it stands to reason they didnt legally
own it already. Under international law (and basic common sense) the
indigenous people must then have owned it. Therefore the crown has confiscated a
huge chunk of propery. This comes as no suprise, the crown has been doing
this for 164 years already.
Lots of NZers like to think we live in a clean green, progressive, liberal
place. Perhaps I should buy a pair of the rose tinted glasses they must be
wearing, cos frankly this place is turning into a craphole.

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