As if you’d ever win the seat anyway … you crackers!

From Scoop
“The caucus agrees with a decision by the Party board that National will
campaign only for the party vote in the Maori electorates. We will not be
standing candidates in those seats.” says Dr Brash.

“National has a policy to wind up the Maori seats. That was the intention of
Parliament in 1867 when they were first established. As a party, we are
determined to deliver a process that gives all New Zealanders equality in
our democracy.”

He’s right too, they were meant to be temporary. What he neglects to mention
are the main reasons they were established. In 1867 the Government decided to
act, they were running out of excuses as to why they were denying Maori the
right to vote. So what they did, was create special seats, now on a
population basis the same as Pakeha representation, Maori should have had 15
seats; they were lucky to get four. Trying to pretend the seats are about
special rights is downright dishonet. They were set up as a way to deny
Maori their full rights.
Theres no way National were gonna win one of the seats so its hardly going
to make any difference if they stand candidates or not. Its just another
chance for Brash to court the uneducated redneck cracker moron vote.

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