Lace up your boots, we’re going back to your roots.

Someone said the other day, that New Zealand was too mixed. That is people
of different cultures and races mingled and mixed together too freely. Now I
knew cracker baldhead wankers like the National Front and probably
reasonable chunks of the National party think this. But I was surprised that
someone who I thought had a modicum of intelligence would say it, expecting
us to agree. It actually makes me feel ill that someone would think, that I
would think something like that. I wrote a poem when I was at University, a
long time ago, when I was a young angry man. Its pretty stupid but it
expresses the sentiments I had when I heard the statement “NZ is too mixed”.
It goes like this

Life is short
And in the end you die
So find a racist asshole
And poke a stick in their eye

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