If I hear “What about the children?” one more time

Im going to go completely mental. If you dont like something, just say “what
about the children?”. You cant argue against the children.
Dont like homosexuals, pull out the “What about the children?” card .. and
if you are a complete dickhead you can follow it up with im not homophobic.
Heres a perfect example, from the NZ Herald
‘Alan Duff said no one had asked the question “What about the children?”
during the civil union debate.

“It’s as simple as that. I’m not homophobic,” Mr Duff said.’

Don’t like mixed marriages, “What about the children, i’m not racist, its as
simple as that”.
Its a crock, its the argument stupid people pull out when they dont have any
points to make. You cant just pull out what about the children without
having some valid arguments to back up your implied point that children will
be worse off.

Anyway i’m not gonna let retards like Dick Hubbard and Alan Duff ruin my day.
Perhaps if I bump into them, ill give them a kick in the arse .. its for the
kids after all.

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