Joint award today

For Gerry Brownlee and Don Brash, for continuing on their One New Zealand

“The next National Government won’t require public servants to subscribe to a
particular view of the Treaty. Only National can be trusted to deliver
policies based on need not race,” Says Mr Brownlee.
Which sounds good and all, but is a huge crock of shit, because if they want
to deliver policies based on needs, theyd be hiking the tax rates of the
rich way the hell up. And you know that isnt gonna happen.
‘Based on need not race’ is a sop to redneck morons who have the critical
thinking skills of a gnat. Which sadly make up a sizeable chunk of our
What they mean is ‘We will throw out all policies that mention anything to
do with the Treaty, or Maori and replace them with absolutely nothing.
Meanwhile our consituents the rich white of NZ will continue living off
their stolen land.’

Get off my planet you arsehats, you’re just making a mess.

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