The quest for faster circulations.

Talking with Joshua the other day got me thinking .. now circulation in the
web browser works fine for a low to medium volume. But when you start
returning/issuing a lot of books, the overhead of fetching the html, and the
browser rendering it becomes very apparent.
So I thought back to the original circulation, which was curses based, and
how fast that was, and decided to start on a TK implementation. Mostly just
as a proof of concept.
So at 10am Sunday morning I sat down to start, and its 12.29 now and I have
a system that will issue books for Koha. Lots to be done still .. but its
pretty simple so I think this might be a goer. Ive put up screenshots so
feel free to take a look.
Comments/Suggestions are more than welcome.
And now im going to play world of warcraft.


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