Torture this fool

According to an article on stuff. A
couple of australian academics have put forward the argument that “Torture
should be legalised and is a “morally defensible” interrogation method, even
if it causes the death of innocent people”.
That it comes from Australians seems about right, since they deport their
own citizens, or put them in detention centers. I can only think that they
had a desire for publicity and followed the tried and true “Spout
reprehensible bullshit” method.
Im fairly sure that I saw them both talking to Osama bin Laden though, so
they should be arrested and tortured since according to their argument it wont
matter if they are actually innocent. “And if that unfortunately resulted in
an innocent person being killed, in those circumstances that would be
justified. I think as a society we would accept that one person being killed
to save thousands is legitimate.”
I for one volunteer to accept on behalf of society if someone was to torture
these people a bit. Just a little bit, maybe cut off a couple of fingers and
a toe. After all they must be guilty of something.

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