Faster search notes

Koha as always is going through a phase of optimisation. This time we are
seeking to optimise the searching. Currently the search works well, in that
its functionally correct and returns correct and complete results. The
complaint at the moment is that we are sure it can be faster.
And as programmers we wont be happy until we make it so 🙂
So tomorrow morning (nz time) we are meeting on irc to talk over some
options the main points ill be making are

  • We have 2 audiences, the librarians and the public
  • Most important, we return correct results, speed comes a close
  • The public do not care (for the most part) why/how the results are
    derived, just as long as they are right
  • Innovative tools will win us a little fame

I cant stress the correct results enough, its very frustrating to search for
an item, see that its on the shelf then find it isnt.

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