Election day

Well our votes have been cast and by about 11pm we should know what the new
government is going to be made up of. Im hoping a Labour, Greens, Maori
Party Coalition. But I’ll take anyone but National. Seriously all parties
with National in their name, should not be allowed. National Socialists,
National Front, and just plain old National all people the world would be
better without.

UPDATE 2005/09/18: Way too close

I still have a really uneasy feeling, although Labour should have the
numbers for a coalition, there is still scope for National to scrape in.
I’m still disgusted 39.6% of NZ voters gave National, and their racist
agenda, their vote. Mind you, Labour arent much better at all, they just
hide their racism a bit better. I guess its better the devil you know.

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