Daylight savings

Well daylight savings started this morning, the bad news is we lost an hour,
the good news is, it means summer is on the way. Lets hope its less
miserable than the last one, and we get piles and piles of cricket. I dont
know if any of you have been watching ‘Frontier of Dreams’ on TV one. If you
haven’t my suggestion is dont bother, its pretty much a pile of drivel thus
far. One of my pet peeves was that Maori were consistently called
colonisers, and yet last night they often referred to Pakeha as ‘settlers’
… eh??? It was the other way around buddy. Unless the definition of
coloniser has changed in the last year or so.
Oh and another thing, now im not usually one to support an Act party member
in anything, but can anyone explain to me why Donna Awatere Huata got
sentenced to two years for stealing $80,000. And yet Michael Perry gets
months with leave to apply for home detention after helping to steal millions
Surely he should be getting at least 2 years also, or more as he was
convicted of money laundering also.
Lets see 2 ppl, convicted of stealing 80,000 … get 2 years a piece, so
thats what 1 year per 20,000. From stuff ‘Sixteen rental properties were
bought by Perry with fraudulent transactions of $243,245 in deposit funds
and $1,251,999 in mortgage funds.’. So lets say 1.5 million / 20,000 = 75,
so 75 years for him. Of course its not that simple, but surely its worth at
least 2 years .. oh and maybe some coverage in more than 1 paper in the

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