Well this says a lot about the state of Race Relations in NZ

The 2 major parties totally dismiss out of hand
the UN’s report on indigenous issues in New Zealand. You can read the full
Labour called it unbalanced, disapointing and narrow. Gerry Brownlee the
National Party’s spokesman for Maori Affair (which in itself is a complete
joke, its like having Robert Mugabe as spokesman for white farmers in
Zimbabwe) said, “The Government should show this report the respect it
deserves by throwing it straight into the dustbin.”

Not even an admission that at least some of it is right, or that there is
more they can do. No they launch straight into we have the best race
relations in the world. We stole a bunch of land, passed and continue to pass
racist laws, tortured and murdered .. but hey at least we are better than a lot of other countries.

Well that crap doesn’t wash with me.

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