Update from Laurel

lazza:nah. i went to ross then i got dizzy so i went and got some wendys. which
made me pukey so i just came home.
at wendys tonight some lady was wiping herself down in the dining area
with napkins
me: eeeewww
lazza: now you see why i was pukey and had to go home
me: i dont like those fast food places
lazza: it was truly one of the nastiest things ive ever seen
lazza: you would have thought she was in her bathroom at home i just started laughing

And the only comment I have to make on that story is EEEEWWWWWW

One thought on “Update from Laurel”

  1. Oh Laurel, you all sound so happy!. We are enjoying reading the blog and seeing the pictures of Kahu. Is that what you are calling him? Jill and Gramps


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