48 hours of travel with about 10 hours of sleep!

So Russel and I left Wellington
at 6am on the 30th of April, NZ time. Which meant we had to be at the
airport by about 4am to check in. So we got to Australia at around 7.15am
NSW time. Now this is where things started to get tricky. Qantas delayed our
flight out to London, originally it was
leaving at 5pm which meant we could check our bags through all the way to
Paris. But they changed it to leaving at 8pm … which meant we couldnt so
we had to get our bags, clear customs and immigration and find somewhere to
store the bags. We found a storage place that only cost 2 kidneys and 1
right arm so that wasnt too bad, stored the bags, and headed out to meet a
We had a very productive meeting and then headed in the central city
to kill some time before our flight. We headed back out to the airport only
to find Qantas had delayed the flight again. But they did give us a meal
voucher for $15 aus, and we had a fantastic meal at an asian noodle place.
Finally after a few more delays we boarded the plane and started on our
flight to Bangkok. The plane was completely full, but we got seat to a nice
and more importantly small german girl which meant I wasnt completely
squished in the middle. That was all good I think both of us got a
reasonable amount of sleep on that flight. Then at Bangkok Qantas for some
reason decided to move the german girl (Caroline) and replaced her with a
great big lardy english bastard, who didnt even acknowledge my hello. He
also broke the cardinal rule of economy class air travel which is, only one
armrest person, you cant take both. So he sat there unmoving except to jam
me in my side with his elbow every so often for the whole 14 hour flight
from Bangkok to London. Consequently I got far less sleep on that flight
than the other one.
After we landed at heathrow we taxied around on the runway for quite a while
until they offloaded us onto buses to take us to the terminal. We only had
about an hour there until our flight left for Paris, just enough time to buy
some water and find our gate.
Once we landed in Paris we spent a bunch of time walking around trying to
find where the train left to get us into town. Only to realise after about
15 minutes there was a map on the trolley we were pushing around. Once we
found the train and boarded it was all good. The RER and Metro in Paris are
fantastic, well sign posted with logical layouts and a simple ticketing
So we made it safe and sound.

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