KohaCon Day 1

Discover Koha
This day was for people interested in learning more about Koha. There was a
really big turnout I estimate about 80 people. My talk went well, Russel did
the slides, it was a little tricky as we couldnt use my laptop as the
refresh rate on the graphics card was too high for the projecter to handle.
So we ended up using Pauls, which meant we had to copy the files over …
but we had no network, USB memory sticks to the rescue. Some of the other
talks were interesting, and there was no shortage of questions and
enthusiasm so that was all good. It is really really tiring try to listen
and pick up what you can understand with people talking french all the time.
So we were pretty shattered by the end of the day, but we are only in Paris
for a few days so we went with Paul, Joshua, Irma and Pascale to the
Bastille to eat dinner. It was a lot of fun.

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