Dev Week

Laurel and I arrived in Marseille at 6am on Monday, the Dev week was set to
kick off at 10am that morning, so we checked in, I had a quick shower and
then Laurel went to sleep and Russ and I headed off in cars to CMI which is
where the Developers week was to take place.
We started off with introductions so everyone got to know who everyone else
is, it was great to put faces to names. We then had a group meeting to
divide up tasks and split up into groups to tackle the tasks. I was in the
Zebra group along with Joshua, Henri Damien, Tumer, Bruno, Antoine and Arnaud for the
first day. We decided to branch the rel_2_2 branch of cvs into a dev_week
branch and work in there, Tumer committed a bunch of useful stuff and we got
to work testing.
We broke for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant which
was about all that was open as it was VE Day, and thus a public holiday.

Day 2
Joshua, Henri Damien, Tumer, Bruno and I worked on zebra integration again
on day 2. We got it to a point where add/modify/delete plus searches was all
working, a very positive result. The cafeteria was open, so we had lunch
there and I must say it was absolutely fantastic and great value for money.

Day 3
On day 3 I started off working with Pierrick doing some bug fixing for the
morning, the rest of the day was taken up with some really fruitful
discussions. Which are written up on the wiki (which is the process of being
reorganised (started at the dev week)).
In the evening we went to Cassis
we arrived just in time for sunset which afforded some great
photo opportunities for a great
meal of which Bouillabaisse was the

Day 4
Some more bugfixing and lots more discussions this day. With a slightly
later start, 10am instead of 9am, due to mainly the fact that we didnt get
home from Cassis until pretty late or night (early morning even) and a fair
amount of wine was consumed.
That evening we want to Ouest Provence to visit the library there, they are
in the process of converting to Koha at the moment. Their library is great,
I really liked the layout and the vibe of the place.

Day 5
The last day.
This was mostly a reporting back day, all of the groups reporting on what
they worked on over the week, and handing out some tasks for people to do in
the next few weeks. It was sad that the week had to end, but I think it was
a really valuable exercise, if all that came out of it was the developers
meeting each other, that would have been enough. But lots of productive
work, and great ideas resulted as well.

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