Switzerland part 2

On the last day we had in Switzerland, we spent it in Luzern with Daniela’s
family seeing the sights. It was a fantastic day, we went out on the lake on
paddle steamer and to some of the I guess you would call them resort towns.
It was really beautiful, when Laurel gets back ill put up the photos.
We then had a fantastic dinner and with some sorrow (we didnt want to leave)
we caught the train back to Basel. After that we caught the overnight train
to Marseille, which was pretty cool actually, I managed to sleep the whole
way and the people in our carriage were nice even though we couldnt
communicate with each other.

The summary of the story is Switzerland is a lovely place, things are clean,
everything works and everything is on time. And the people are friendly and
helpful. Its a great place to visit, and if I were to choose somewhere else
to live it would be high on the list of possibilities

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