Merging from dev_week to HEAD

Joshua and I started merging in the changes we made in the dev_week branch
into the main trunk(HEAD) of the koha cvs this weekend. I didnt get as much
done as I wanted to as I got distracted by the fact I turned 33 yesterday,
so spent the day eating yum cha and watching movies and only doing some cvs
The reason we have a dev_week branch is because at dev_week we wanted to
work on the rel_2_2 branch as this has had a number of fixes made to it that
hadnt been made on the HEAD also. So instead of busting things in the
rel_2_2 which would have made our host Paul (the 2.2 release maintainer)
annoyed we branched rel_2_2 and called it dev_week. We are now in the
process of merging all the changes into head so nothing is lost.

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