Bad nights sleep

Laurel was having some whacky dreams last night, which didn’t help me sleep much at all.
Someone screaming “Why dont you just grow the fuck up” in your ear at 3.15am is not a pleasant way to be jolted awake. She assures me it wasnt me in the dream she was yelling at. To paraphrase Mr T “I pity the fool who it was”.

One thought on “Bad nights sleep”

  1. i’ve been having some really crazy/violent dreams for the last couple months. i blame baby hormones.

    need i remind chris that he woke me up last week calling “laurel” “laurel” “LAUREL” to each time i responded “WHAT?!?!” thinking there was something going on. then he must of woke up and said “what?” and i said “what?” and he said “WHAT?!?!”. it was very who’s on first.

    i reckon next week we will have a full on sleep conversation about the rose petal stuck to a coffee mug that is morphing into a slug or something.


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