60%girl? (if you wanted to know)

…its got a penis sticking out, but out of the leg… haha. not really. (i’m reading a really interesting book about medical ‘mutants’ by armand marie leroy, and the biology that happens behind the creation of physical oddities. fascinating, but maybe not the best read when you’re pregnant…)

scanner did good look at the heart, and so far so good. and the hands (which they couldnt see the last time) were very peek-a-boo across the face or thumb sucking/nose picking – so those look good as well.

initially the scanner thought it was a boy, but legs were tightly curled up bound around that area, so she spent 20 mins trying to persuade baby otherwise. no such luck. however, from the investigations she did do, she said it looked like a girl. bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. crayon being coy.

…however, we got 2 full fledged yawns on screen. so it has a very cute yawn – be it boy or girl.

so i’m left not being able to make my floral baby duvet arrangements for another 4 weeks until next scan.

c’est la vie.

3 thoughts on “60%girl? (if you wanted to know)”

  1. Happy to read all is going OK 🙂 Have a good pregnancy Laurel. My wife and I are not going to ask the doctor what the sex of our second child will be. It will be a “suprise” 🙂 I hope it won’t be obvious for me on the scan.


  2. thanks pierrick – hope all is well in beautiful france…

    i originally thought i would want a total surprise as well, but my own curiosity got the better of me. maybe the baby is trying to teach me patience! i think if we have another one, that i probably wouldn’t want to know as much. although, not knowing is exciting too.

    in NZ it seems that all baby things are exclusively either blue or pink… with trucks or flowers. i like to be prepared, so it is frustrating shopping without knowing! if i had a million dollars, i’d create baby gear in green/orange/red/yellow/violet with NO trucks or flowers allowed!

    i am scheduled for monthly scans until the birth, so maybe at one of them the little bugger will manage to let us have a peek in advance.

    my best to you and your wife and son!


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