Air New Zealand Bites

The do it yourself airline.
So I rocked up this morning to check in for my flights to Auckland and then
to Nadi. I had the server with me, so I was over my luggage allowance by 5
kg. I didnt mind coughing up the $50 they got me to pay for excess luggage,
but the couple in front of me were 8 kgs over and didnt have to pay. Strike
1 against air nz. So I walked over to customer service to pay the money and
get a receipt. Then they made me walk back and pick up the box with the
server in it and carry it over to oversize baggage, even though once again
it was smaller than the suitcase of the dude who was in front of me. It
better bloody be in Nadi when I land is all I can say.

And it was, after picking it up and meeting Uncle Gordon, we went back to
the hotel he and Emily were staying in and I got changed. Then we headed up
the road to the wedding reception. After eating a tonne of good food and
listening to some speeches, we left and did a bit of sightseeing. Mainly at
the Sofitel hotel on Denerau Island, to see how the other half live.
Then it was back to our hotel and a fiji gold, some tv and bed.

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