Fiji Day 2

Today we got up earlyish and had a big cooked breakfast at the Hotel, then
we hit the road, first back to Denerau Island to look at the other hotels
and the port. Then made our way towards Suva, stopping at resorts and
roadside mango stalls. I just ate what was perhaps the most delicious mango
Ive ever eaten, that we bought on the way.
We got to Suva about 6pm, and then got some food to take to Jane who was in
the middle of her double shift at the hospital.
I then checked into the Pennisula hotel, and relaxed. Im not sure what the
plan is for tomorrow, I left an email for one of the Chris’s at USP, but if
i dont hear anything by about 9, ill head into the USP and see if I can find

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