Fiji – Day 3 – First day of training

Today I got up nice and early and had breakfast, then got in touch with one
of the Chris’s from USP and organised a ride, so I didnt have to try and
take the server in a taxi. After getting a tour of the library I powered the
server up and was most relieved that everything worked.
We then broke for morning tea, which was really good, they do a good latte
at the student cafe. We then worked out a bit of a plan of attack for the
remaining days and then had some fantastic and very cheap Indian food for

That afternoon we got cracking on the business of demoing/presenting Koha. I
think there we about 18 people there with lots of questions. It went pretty
well was my impression, hopefully they felt the same. Tomorrow I talk mainly
with the techy people, which should be fun, ILS’s just arent that
complicated really so im not sure I can fill in a full day, but we’ll see.

Im back in the hotel now chilling out, 8.30am start tomorrow, so I will need
to be up by 7am.

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