Fiji Day 5 – User Training

Today we focused on more indepth user training, basically carrying on from
where we left off on Monday. So we got into the nitty gritty of cataloguing
including setting up frameworks and plugins.
The highlights of the day were the Diwali morning tea, with fantastic Indian
sweet and savoury tidbits to eat. Then for lunch Joan the Head Librarian
took me to a restaurant that does Fijian food. So I had Palusami with corned
beef, Dalo (taro), Coconda and some incredibly hot chili things.
It was a great lunch, filling and delicious.

Im writing this entry on the bus on the way to Nadi, im staying at the Tanoa
International Hotel there, mostly because it has free shuttles to the
airport so I wont have to get up to early tomorrow.
If they have internet there ill post this otherwise it will have to wait til
I get back to NZ.

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