Sanshiro Sugata

Akira Kurosawa’s directorial debut. This is a good film, it would have been much better without the edits the censors made to it back in the 1940’s. Unfortunately they cut a huge pile of film out of it, and it was lost in the post war confusion.
Its still worth a watch, in fact ive yet to watch a Kurosawa film that wasnt good.

2 thoughts on “Sanshiro Sugata”

  1. Hi! What is your source on the censorship you mention?

    As far as I know, Kurosawa was invited to meet the military censors, who were critical of the love scenes, saying they were too western. Yasujiro Ozu (who was part of the committee), however, rose up to Kurosawa’s defence by pronouncing the film an important artistic achievement, and so the film passed without any changes made to it. Kurosawa had, in fact, chosen the original novel because he knew he couldn’t do a film that said much, so he decided to instead make a really “movie-like movie”.

    The movie, by the way, is available at Google Video:

    I like the simplicity and cleanliness of your blog design. Really nice.


  2. They actually said it on the DVD, as part of the opening credits. That it was removed without his permission.
    It certainly jumps about a bit as if there was missing footage.
    Wikipedia say the same too.

    I only commented on it because the credits on the DVD said it was missing. Today I watched Kagemusha, im working my way through around all the Kurosawa films I can find.

    Thanks for the comment on the design, I cant take credit for it, the scribbish template designers did all the hard work


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