He’s Arrived

Kahurangi James Lee Barr Cormack, made an early arrival at 2.55pm today (20/11/06) NZ time. He weighed in at 3.040kg, which is pretty darn good for 36 weeks. He’s doing fine, hes down in the neo-natal unit but has successfully managed to breastfeed. Mum is fine too, in fact they are both sleeping which is why I could sneak out and update the blog and get some sleep myself.

Not sure how long they’ll be at the hospital, probably 2 or 3 days, until they are sure everything is fine.

Laurel’s waters broke at about 1.30am on the 20th .. so we rang the obstetrician who told us to head in to the delivery suites. We got there about 2am ish, and after monitoring for a while went upstairs to the ward. By 8am laurel had dilated to 5cm’s so it was back down to the delivery suites we went.
And by 2pm she was fully dilated, and by 2.55pm Kahurangi was born. I think we are both still in a slight state of shock, we thought we had a month to go. I blame the xmas parade yesterday, I reckon he got confused, thought it was xmas and thought crap im late, im getting out.

Anyway photos to come when Ive had some sleep.


Kahurangi shows what he thinks of the feeding tube. He yanked it out and made this sign when the nurse said she was going to put it back in.

More photos here

20 thoughts on “He’s Arrived”

  1. Congratulations to new parents and to Kahurangi. 3Kg for a 36 weeks baby is indeed “big” enough, you shouldn’t be scared to hurt him.

    I hope I can see the photos very soon 🙂


  2. i can’t believe my ‘brother’ is now a daddy 🙂
    congratulations to you and shrubs – i am so happy for you!
    can we still call him crayon? 😛

    tell Shrubs i said congrats too!!!



  3. Congrats!!!! I was wondering why you weren’t about, but you had better things to do!

    Have fun with the kiddo 🙂

    (can we still call him Crayon for short?)


  4. I’m soooo happy for you!! I had a feeling when you werent around yesterday to bug 😉 Congrats to you, and Laurel as well!! hope you two get a little rest before little crayon comes home!


  5. ¡Felicidades y buena suerte! (congratulations and good luck!)

    What did you say the legal age in NZ is?

    Seriously, I’m very happy for you and Laurel.


  6. Mazeltov! Nice name…glad to see all that voting on the name charts was not in vein 🙂
    Glad to hear all is well…looking forward to photos!


  7. Wow……

    Little K.J.L.B.C. just about brought a tear to my eye….

    Well done!

    Can’t wait to meet you Kahurangi!

    Love you guys,

    Uncle Tom


  8. I will check just to make sure, but I would wager a few bucks that this is the first Kahurangi on this side of the family tree.

    I am trying to imagine what Nanny would have had to say about it!!!

    But I think it is very, very cool, a beautiful name, and I loved watching the expressions on my friends faces at bowling tonight when I tried to explain it all to them.

    Though a little early, this is a very welcomed blessing for me at the end of a rather trying year. Thanks to the both of you for such a wonderful gift and for the warm feeling of joy it has brought to me.

    Arohanui to the three of you,

    Grandpa Skipp


  9. I’m a little bit late, but no annoucement has been made on koha-devel + we were sleeping on this side of the world (France)

    But congrats & sincere best wishes to you three.

    I already have 3 boys (a 4th one coming in feb/march…), so I know that you start a very very very exciting new life : some months with sleeping problems, then some months with “baby picking anything with it’s hands & breaking everything”, then some months with “baby start walking & falling & crying”, then some months with mother trying to understand what he says, baby being very upset because you don’t understand it”, then “baby entering school”, then “baby entering 2nd grade school”, then … (I don’t know, my 1st son is only 11 😉 )

    BUT : all those difficulties & tiring hours are NOTHING facing the joy/hapiness/love/proudness you’ll encounter during those years.

    So, enjoy…

    (for all family readers : apologize if I made some english mistakes, but i’m on the other side of the world. You know, where we try to face all black in Rugby, and loose miserabily 😉 )


  10. Well done team – huge congratulations from us both to all of you. Laurel – Eva asked me to especially make sure i pass on huge love from her for you. We were as surprised as you about Kahurangi’s early arrival. Eva has started putting clothes aside for you. Look foward to catching up when you are ready and able.


  11. Hi Laural and Chris

    He looks a very handsome young man. Cant wait to see him in the flesh. (and maybe have a cuddle or 2).

    Laurel – you know you are late to work, you are not suppose to leave until next month… what some people will do to avoid the office.

    See you soon


  12. Hi Laurel and Chris – On behalf of TLC Management a note of congratulations to you all for getting this project into action. We realise that this is just the beginning so don’t expect an official report back for a decade or two until things have settled down a bit and outcomes are more assured.!


  13. While doing a little research into the name Kahurangi, I discovered that there is a Kahurangi National Park in NZ.

    Very cool….the little guy is only two days old and he already has a national park named after him!

    I will definitely have to include that in my visit there in March.

    Grandpa Skipp


  14. Laurel & Chris,

    Congratulations on the birth of Kahurangi. You now embark on a journey of great love and joy and sometimes a little frustration. From all the posts, I’d say your son is going to enjoy a great extended family. Hope I get to see him before he’s too old. I’ll have to see if I can convince some of my family to visit NZ one of these days.

    Love Aunt Karen and all the rest of the Stanleys


  15. Wow! early little man.. I can tell already you guys are going to have your hands full with him. (that gives me some twisted pleasure) hehe he rolls on his own schedule and he seems to have gotten attitude from at least one of you. Congrats to you both.. and just think Chris.. you now have the 2 against 1, guys to girl house voting advantage.

    Miss you guys,



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