Kahurangi – Pronounciation Guide for Americans

Laurel asked me to put a little pronounciation guide for saying Kahurangi, (and Kahu for short) so here goes.
Kah hoo rahn gee (‘g’ as in gas, rather than as in george)
Kahu sounds like wahoo (excited yell)
Rangi close to rung (as in ladder) ee

Thats trying to do it for an american accent 🙂

From the H. W. Williams dictionary

  • Honourable, distinguished. Taku tira kahurangi ka makere i a au
  • Prized, precious He iti kahurangi
  • A light coloured variety of greenstone
  • Treasured possession, jewel, darling Ka haere te wahine ki te whai i tana kahurangi
  • Cheiftainess


  • Surface Te Kahu o te rangi The blue sky
  • Garment
  • Young shoot, sprout
  • Germinate, grow, sprout Kua kahu te witi


  • Hawk, harrier
  • Chief
  • Kite – for flying

One thought on “Kahurangi – Pronounciation Guide for Americans”

  1. Thank you! I was struggling a bit with it I have to admit…i asked some people and they had no idea…glad I did not have to embarrass myself totally for next time I see you…” so…Chris …Laurel…how’s little Ka…(mrrrowow…ee?)?


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