Everyone who voted for this bill is an Arsehat

So today parliament passed a bill setting sept 1 2008 as the deadline for lodging historical Treaty claims. See the article on stuff until they remove it. Where did they get this date from you ask, .. well they pulled it out of their butts.

Lets see if I can follow their logic, lets breach the Treaty again by setting a date when people cant claim against Treaty breaches anymore. Dickheads.

2 thoughts on “Everyone who voted for this bill is an Arsehat”

  1. Nevada is trying something similar. Clark County wants to buy/steal water from another county starting in 2010 or something. The residents of the other county are understandably upset, and are fighting the deal. *But* only the people who were residents of the county back in the 80’s or 90’s when the deal was made can lodge legal complaints. Those who live there now or when the deal goes into effect, and who *will* be affected, will not have their complaints heard. sheesh


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