Kahurangi Update

So there are a few things that have happened this week in our little world. Kahurangi’s due date arrived – which ironically marked his turning one month old. I think the midwife and obstetrician were happy to have him arrive early so they could have a quieter holiday. Little landmarks this week have been his being much more ‘baby’like rather than infant. He *sigh* has learned to cry and now does so with gusto I didn’t know such wee lungs had.

He’s also turned into a proper baby instead of the little ideal angel he had been before – that is, he seems to have curious cranky spats where chris and I look at each other with the “what does he WANT?!!?!” that all parents must go through. I’m wishing he had little gauges or buttons that told us how full he is, what his gas level is, and just why the heck he is grumbling. Maybe that comes with the Kahu 8000XQG model. However, with his new cry, has also come his first proper happy baby talk noises. He prefers to talk only to himself, and usually when he’s happily batting at monkeys and elephants in his play gym. Which is also another landmark – we *think* he can consciously bat at things, or at least in the general vicinity. He’s also much aware of the world around him and follows things with his wee little beady eyes.

We have also made the ceremonial occasion of the first “Losing of the Sock”. We think it’s somewhere on Lambton Quay. A recent outting to finish off the xmas shopping made me realise how much babies become public property. The odd smile or the “Wow what a tiny baby” and of course the “How old is he?” is ok, but I’ve found people love to tell you all about their own kids. I had a very sweet lady harangue me for 20 minutes about her son (who is now 34) and gush over Kahu to the point of tears. Nice to have your son so admired, but I really didn’t need to know about a random stranger’s episiotomy and her son’s shirt size.

On a very humorous note, we were watching Judge Judy this week (yeah yeah, I know, the crap you watch when you’re trapped on the couch with a baby attached to you) and there was a couple who talked about their son – no joke – Kray On (though the spelling is left to the imagination).

It was a tough week for us as I managed to get campylobacter (food poisoning) and was pretty sick until I got antibiotics. It was to the point where even sips of water would give me major intestinal cramps. So why am I telling you this? Because I realised how lucky we are to have Kahu able to take a bottle when needed. I was so sick that my milk was rather crappy I’d imagine, so bub was very hungry and fussy. It was great to be able to top him up with formula and know he was getting enough (and to stop the crank). A good bit of advice for new mums is to make sure your baby can take a bottle and either have a store of expressed milk or formula for occasions like that.

He’s also having a bought of dry skin. Normally not a big deal, I’ve been just lotioning him up and rubbing at it with a washcloth. But alas, in a strange turn, I’ve scratched off what I thought was his Barr mole birthmark! With a wee gasp I looked at his head and realised it must have been a deceptive scab. He still has little dots of blood that were left over from the massive bruise on his head, but even the doctor had written down that this was a birthmark. So, being the freak that I am, I have saved the “birthmark” in a wee plastic bag… next to the umbilical cord… and his first fingernail clippings. And here I was worried we’d have to get it removed as a skin cancer risk.

Kahurangi gets to meet his other Grandma tomorrow, which he’s very excited about. And there are another set of arms to send him to, which I’M excited about.

So life goes on with most of the day involving boobs, poos and lots of dazed watching of tv. Not much to expect from my brain – I tried to make a phone call with the remote control, but hoping to get off some personal emails sometime this month. Wishing you all a fond adieu.

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