Iiiimmmmm gay and Other Events

So Kahurangi is learning how to cry a little more regularly, though the sounds are quite interesting. Most of the time it sounds something like mnngwaayyyy. However, variations sound just like “I’m gay” or “Go play” or “No way” “Good eh?”. A mix of guttural and Fonzie-esque. More popularly, he enjoys lots of grunting and groaning noises instead. You’d think he was in a ruck, but really, it’s usually trying push out a fart or two. We’ve been told by more than one mother and the doctors etc that he’s very strong for his age – can pretty much hold his head up on his own most of the time, and can push himself up on his arms on occasion. He is fond of doing dramatically loud stretches even in his sleep which we think is what makes him so strong.

He eats rather piggishly with lots of slurping and jumping around at the breast and goes something like a frantic and panting baby bird when anything brushes against his mouth, even when he’s not hungry. Also when he’s anywhere within a 3 foot radius of my boobs. This means when he’s with me, he’s most likely eating, thinking about eating, or pretending he’s eating. Which means that his vague and increasingly frequent smiles have been given only to his dad and his grandma. Maybe I’ll get a grin sometime before he’s 10. He also has the amazing talent of being able to either eat and fart or eat and burp at the same time – both usually resulting in him attempting to rip a nipple off as he and his gas dances around. The gas gets more smiles than any of us.

Today mom and I took him to his new GP today for his first set of injections and 6 week check up. I was very excited to see that on the list of things they check (lungs, heart, abdomen etc) that he had two checkmarks next to testicles. I thought he had exceptionally good balls, but alas, further down the list, I saw that they did two checks for anything that has two (i.e. eyes, hips etc). Funny to note that along with “Doing fabulously” and “settled baby”, that doctor also wrote “double chin”. So he’s a little fatty… shesh, does it need to go in his Plunket book?!!?!

I made it through the injections (barely a sniffle)… and oh yeah, Kahu’s fine too. 🙂 He gave the nurse the evils after the second one – progressing from the shocked wail after the first one. mMMmmgwayyyYy turned into WAHHHH WAHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH instead by the time the third shot was delivered. It all disapated pretty fast though and after a cuddle he pretty much went off to sleep until I decided to squirt him with Pamol, which of course I have no clue how much he actually had since a good bit went down his chin, neck and on his shirt. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t have any of the nasty potential reactions they berate you with at the doctor’s office. So far he just shrieks when he does his remarkable stretches with his newly sore legs.

Kahu’s grandma Linda is having a ball staring at him, giving cuddles and doing poop duty, and Chris and I are happy to have a little break in our new routine. I think they both will be sad when she has to go. He’s sure to make his first American trip sometime in the near future…

2 thoughts on “Iiiimmmmm gay and Other Events”

  1. So the little guy loves to eat, can eat and fart at the same time, and both of his balls got checkmarks….I’m such a proud grandpa!!!


  2. Any pictures of Kahu and his Grandma Linda?

    Also when is she headed by to CA?, Since she doesn’t have her cell phone with her, we’re not sure when to expect her.


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