Out the ying yang. Ok, so this morning we took Laurels mom to the airport to catch her flight to Auckland and then to LA, only to find the airport was closed due to fog. So, after calling the toll free number and being told no flights until tomorrow at 2pm, I decided it was time to do some wheeling and dealing.
I managed to get Air New Zealand to rebook us on a flight from Palmerston North to Auckland at 1.45pm, which gave us 2.5 hours to get to Palmy … more than enough time, or so we thought. So Linda said goodbye to Laurel and Kahurangi, and Dad, Linda and I hit the road driving north. Unfortunately there was a fatal accident near Paekakariki, which slowed traffic to almost a standstill.
After it was clear there was no way we would make it to Palmy in time I pulled out the trusty cellphone again, and did my best sob story act. Managed to get Linda rebooked on the 5.05pm flight out of Palmerston North. So we kept on driving and got there with tons of time to spare, had something to eat, and sent her off to Auckland. Hopefully she made her flight to LA (they checked her and her bags all the way through so she should have).
Im fairly sure I spent 2.5 hours on the phone all up, but the result was good, maybe I should become a travel agent.

One thought on “Daaahhhhraaaammmaaaa”

  1. Grandma Linda says that despite walking as fast as she could, she missed the flight from Auckland to L.A. She did get on another flight and actually arrived in L.A. earlier than her original flight. She and Tom waited for her luggage and she is now safely in Santa Ana, Ca.


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