Claim settled

Well the insurance claim for our stolen car has been settled, so time to buy a new car. We still have to finish dealing with the contents claim, but we are working on that now.

So now to figure out what car we will get, I want a station wagon, Laurel wants some kinda small SUV thing, like a CRV or RAV4. She will probably get to choose, because I dont really care, as long as its economic to run and has good space for the pram etc, it could be the ugliest car in the world and I wouldn’t mind.

4 thoughts on “Claim settled”

  1. Great that it’s come through. Guess you’ve considered the relative safety features of the cars you’re thinking of getting – since there will be a baby on board


  2. We did buy the ugliest car out there-the Toyota ScionXb and we LOVE it. Tons of room, inexpensive and good gas mileage.


  3. We’ve got a ’98 CRV and we’ve been very happy with it. It’s not too huge and gets pretty good mileage (around 26 mpg). It’s nice to not have to bend over so far to get the little one in and out of the carseat.


  4. call me materialistic, lame, yuppie or just plain micky p. finklerstein, but i LOVE mini SUVs. I can’t say I’ve ever got over my first car – a CRV called Rosie – bequeathed to Tom and subsequently on sold after a crash. I’m too YOUNG for a minivan damnit!


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