Me Me Me

It seems we have quite a following of the blog now, and I think it mostly has to do with a need to keep up with the sproglet we affectionately call “bug”, “the bud”, “buddy”, or “buggle” depending on our linguistic inclinations at the time.

But, you’ll have to hear about me first.

I am officially waving the white flag. I have given in to the fact that my life has become bovine. I eat, I sleep, and the baby feeds on my udders – and all with a very dazed look on my face and with little regard for the future beyond the next hour. My defeat has not been gracious and every day until today I still believed with avid affirmations and true determination that I could get our house clean, organized, baby room made, errands done and still have a little time for doing art or something. I didn’t have high expectations or delusions of granduer – just a few things a day would do as I work towards a satisfied, stable and tidy life. So I tip my hat to all of the mothers who have mothered before me. If you managed to have a child and get one load of laundry done a day, you have accomplished more than me. However, I can tell you all about how to make a vegetable cobbler from Martha Stewart show that I watch while feeding the baby. Today, I concede defeat to dirt, timely bill payment and getting anywhere on time. I am humbled by your power.

Alas, I won’t get the sewing done, or the baby room created before he’s 18, but I will have many hours of his sleeping on my shoulder so he won’t wake up and jiggling him around to stop the cries under my belt. Who needs clean laundry when you can wallow in spit up with a cuddled baby?

I’ve discovered Kahurangi likes shopping (YAY!) – or maybe just riding around in his pram in town with the air and the noises much more than hanging out at home, so today we went to get him some pants that actually *fit* (he still has skinny short legs) and to get him a library card. We’ll just have to go shopping more often. Darn!

We’re gearing up for the ankle surgery re-do on Feb 21 and the birth of a cousin around the 23rd. Then later on the arrival of Grandpa Skipp and Uncle Tom on April 1ish. Then bride’s maid in Cat’s wedding on the 5th. Thinking about a naming ceremony around that time. Big days ahead!

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