Shout out to Unkie Joe

Your promised update!

We had the Plunket nurse around last week and learned that Kahurangi is ahead of the game in movements. He can push himself up on his arms, more or less always has his head up without support at all, and can roll over from being on his belly. Apparently this is quite advanced? But we’re still working on the verbal and smiling department. As Chris said, we’re finally getting social smiles. Usually only when he’s completely fed, burped, pooped, farted, and not tired. In any event, it’s pretty cool to know what you’re doing makes him happy. He seems very keen to have his arms wiggled. Who doesn’t love a good arm wiggling? He’s in the 19th percentile for his weight, 19th percentile for weight and 50th for head circumference – so yes he has a fat head.

He’s still eating lots and lots and seems to have one day a week of massive all-day-buffet-all-you-can-eat. I am determined to be a modern mom and will whip out the boob whereever and whenever. Mom spent lots of time trying to cover me and the baby discretely. Screw that! If you haven’t seen a boob before, maybe you should! If it bothers you, then look at the bottom of your shoe – it’s far more disgusting I’m sure. If you get your kicks off of watching breastfeeding, you’ve got real issues and need to get over them. I’ve fed the baby at a dinner table with 12 others, in many restaurants, parks, malls, venues, cars etc. and my crowning glory – in the shoe department at the Warehouse. When Kahu wakes up, I have about 3 minutes to get somewhere to feed him before he cries like he hasn’t been fed in 2 months and is a starving african baby with a large distended tummy and flies in his eyes. Oh yeah, and now he cries real tears – as if to make it all more dramatic.

Speaking of cries, his have changed from him saying “I’m gay” (we told him to wait a few years, just to make sure) to “L A” or “allay” or “a lay”. We think he is giving a shout out to his peeps out in LA and throws his hands up atcha too.

Bubs is quite into music at the moment, and particularly likes my off key singing. He calms down with the songs. I must improve my nursery song repertoire, as I have had to resort to singing about what I’m doing. Hits for today include “Damn the bread is moldy, and I cut that salami too thiiiiiiiiick” and “Boy we got a lotttttttttttttttttt of crappy ads in the mailllll and the electriccccc bill sucks asssssssssssss, and Farmers has a salllllle onnnnnn”. He’s also a fan of Boney M’s “Rasputin” on the radio in he car. I’m afraid to know what that means.

A master of masquerade, Kahu seems to change the way he looks from hour to hour. Not sure if it’s the light or facial muscles developing, but he seems to look very different all the time. Closest family resemblance at the moment? I think definitely his Uncle Joe. Lots of times he’ll flash a look that is just like Joey (and consequently his Grandpa Skipp) as a kid.

Sleeping is still good and he’s pretty fond of mid-morning naps with his mum. Mum likes that too :). He’s quite a snuggler and always ends up much closer to me and facing me than when he started – even taking into account the massive gravitational pull my butt divot creates. I’m a big believer in the whole family nest thing, now that I see/hear that he sleeps much better/longer when he’s next to me or Chris.

So now he’s asleep in his Boppy (actually it’s the generic rip off “Bopster”) which all 30something new parents will know – we call it “the donut”. Due to wake up shortly for a feed n’ spew then off to happily gaze at the airplane mobile from his Aunty Mica while we get to bed outselves.

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