Plunket Visit number 2

Kahurangi now weighs 5.23 kg and is now 61cm’s tall. So hes starting to get big, he certainly feels like 5 kg when we are carrying him around now.
During tummy time yesterday he nearly managed to get himself up on all fours .. how scary is that.

4 thoughts on “Plunket Visit number 2”

  1. He certainly is getting big! Almost 12 pounds….I think I weighed that much until I turned 16 years old.

    And almost able to get up on all fours. Funny, the other night I saw a guy leaving Nied’s the same way!


  2. Wow! I’m starting to worry that the things we sent for the baby may no longer fit. We mailed them about 2 weeks before Christmas. Have they arrived yet?


  3. Yep they did arrive thank you. Laurel is busy working her way through making thank you cards. Kahurangi loves to sleep on the blanket. We will send proper thank you cards when Laurel finishes them (Kahu gives her about 20 minutes a day when she can work on them).


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