He’s in a big bed now

So it’s 4 months into this thing we call parenting. Kahu has moved habitats from his borrowed bassinette – which has come in really handy (thanks rach and si!) and lived in our room since he was born – to his crib (cot in nzspeak) which eventually turns into a toddler bed. I remember when he looked so tiny in the bassinette, but it’s now time to move into his room now that he whacks the side of it and wakes himself up. He managed to make the transfer well and slept like he normally does, and even turned into kicky/flailing/party boy when he was put down, and even did a few of his favorite noises – “awoOOOo” – a mix of inquisitive and curiosity in the tone. I’m a bit sad to have him go, but it’s nice to not have to worry about turning the pages of a magazine and waking him up.

Someone was glad to see him go… we thought Snurrie would adopt the bassinette as a napping place from the start, but she has avoided it, and only in the last week has been caught napping in the basket underneath (which holds spare blankets). Low and behold this evening I walked in to find her comfortably taking it over.

Cat intuition? Seemingly detached to her attention hogging new mate, Snurrie has tried to feign disinterest in the baby. However, the other day when Kahurangi was having some issue (which niether Chris nor I could figure out. hmmm.) and wailing his lungs out, she was trying very hard to fix him by trying to get close to him, then helping (?) by dragging her baby (a stuffed toy) around crying. A very maternal twinge for our slightly psychotic cat. Arrow and Magic are always very concerned when they hear him cry and whimper at the baby’s slightest ‘real’ cry. Now if we could train all of them how to pop the pacifier back in, change a nappy and/or sit and go “bleeble bleeble blop” and “uoogul drwoooooga” back to him…

The bub has been getting more and more interesting to be around. Yet, we find yesterdays pattern is no longer. He loved to look at a good circle (we missed putting on the blog that a few weeks ago, that the poster of circles above his change table was what got him chatting/cooing) and other things like coke cans, logos on tshirts, and himself in the mirror. He’s very chatty lately and is very insistent that you stay to listen to what he has to say – all day – which includes while you’re pushing him in the pram. It’s amazing what a few weeks time can change. One week he looks at his hands and tries to will them to his mouth, the next he’s batting the toys, the next he’s pulling them down into his mouth. The same with the language. Noises one week become ‘words’ the next, and conversation the following week. Now we have all kinds of chats about randomness (at least my side of the dialog is). We even get the odd giggle. He’s getting ticklish on his neck and his Koro (grandfather in Maori – a.k.a. Chris’ dad Ian) is particularly good at getting a laugh. We think it’s cause he looks like Hana Koko (Santa Claus in Maori) with his beard. He loves the game of ‘bugs crawling all over your neck and head” with a resounding excitedly repeated chorus of “bugsbugsbugsbugsbugs” as you tickle your fingers over him.

His favorite music seems to be syncopated patterns, with a particular interest in disco and violins. Rod Stewart gets him every time! I hope his first phrase isn’t “if you want my body and you think I’m sexy…” There’s room to expand his interests for sure.

I’m thinking to go back to work for various reasons, so we’ve asked if Chris’ parents would like to come watch him. They seem to be very excited to do so, and have already volunteered to come look after him last week. Kahu loved spending time with his Nan and it gave me some time to go run errands sans bubba. He sucked up all her attention and was loving being the center of it. It looks like he’ll be getting to spend Thursdays with them, to which he says “Gleebple ahWHAhP-ahwl!” (said with a smile). Yay for grandparents!

I’m part of a craft group that meets once a week where i’ve learned to knit and crochet and made some wee things for Kahurangi I’ve got some craft ideas on the brew after attending some trendy craft events lately, like craft 2.0. There are some cool folks there who have an interest in preserving kiwi kids from the dreaded pink and powder blue clothes they have on offer http://www.tinyhappy.typepad.com/ and http://www.babylicious.co.nz/ are my latest purchases. i’ve always made bits for myself, but I might try and do some kids things for the dosh. Not quite payoffthemorgage money, but maybe shoppingspreeforbabystuff money. Of course this is after I get my studio finished transiting from it’s prior home in the now-baby-room. Tthis lies somewhere between making sure I have clean undies and world domination. Watch this space – it might get knitty and gluey.

So I’ve also found a use for those old 1980’s shoulder pads (I found some in one of my box-o-stuff from the US)- washable breast pads! Some will still already have the velcro in them even! Ingenious. I’ll give that tip to you for free, along with using vaseline to get stickers off of toys, and using old pillowcases as changing pad covers that won’t slip off. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the casino gambling card straps they give you as pram toy keeper-onners.

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